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audrey lowe



"my photography style is a blend of love for fashion, travel, nature and people.” 


“my signature shoot is a “stylized portrait” - young, old and every one in-between.”



I have been a photographer almost all of my life. At age 12 my love for photography began with film development and negative manipulation in the dark room.  Working as a photojournalist was my breakthrough into the world of DSLR cameras and post production via computer. A travel enthusiast my Nikon’s have taken me on photoshoots world wide, from London to Dubrovnik - Hong Kong to Singapore- California to the Hamptons and many other places near, far and in-between. Nothing excites me more than to capture the beauty in other cultures as only seen through my lens.

Now I can can enhance any digital photo shot on a DSLR to resemble the art of film photography. Over the years my equipment may have changed  but my composition has remained the same- Up close and personal.

I hope we get a chance to work together.

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